• Outer diameter :Φ19.5mm, Male pin or Female pin Assembly Single Length : 57.0mm, Male pin plug in Female pin Double total Length : 104mm. Waterproof Connector & Cable Assembly It's easy to lock by female connector plug in male connector. The connector is with patent and IPX 7 function for male connector insert female connector without nut and easy to release by twisting in the right way. Welcome to contact us.

    外徑Φ19.5mm, 公端或母端單邊組裝型長度約57.0mm, 公,母端雙邊對插總長度約104mm, 專利結構公母連接器對插時不用鎖螺母, 即可達到互相卡住, 退出時將旋鈕向右旋轉即可拔出, 歡迎洽詢.


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